Two minor leaguers suspended for drugs


We haven’t posted any of these for a while, but it’s a slow news day. How slow? I just read all of Bert Convy’s Wikipedia page. Where I learned that he and Burt Reynolds had a production company in the 1980s called “Bert and Burt Productions.” I can imagine them on the set of “Cannonball Run” hashing out the ideas for this. Gives a guy chills, frankly.


  • Detroit Tigers Minor League left-handed pitcher Drake Britton has received a 50-game suspension without pay after testing positive for Amphetamine, a stimulant in violation of the Program.  The suspension of Britton, who is currently on the roster of the Triple-A Toledo Mud Hens of the International League, is effective immediately.


  • St. Louis Cardinals Minor League second baseman Luke Doyle has received a 100-game suspension without pay following his refusal to take a drug test.  The suspension of Doyle, who is currently on the roster of the rookie-level Johnson City Cardinals of the Appalachian League, is effective immediately upon the completion of his current suspension.

I’ve never understood the drug test refusal. It’s the same penalty anyway and at least if you take the dang test you stand a chance of slippin’ by. Kids.