A-Rod is pretty zen about being released

Getty Images

Earlier today we wrote about the apparent winding down of Alex Rodriguez’s career and the buzz about the Yankees possibly releasing him before the end of the season. Today, when the Yankees’ clubhouse opened, he was asked about that.

If you think this was going to be controversial, think again. A-Rod seems to know what time it is. He’s pretty zen about it all, actually:

He also said that he thinks of himself as a teacher, suggesting that he has opened his mind to coaching. Or, given his business pursuits, doing something completely different.

Like we said earlier today: not the sort of way you figured his time in baseball would end, if indeed it is ending. No raging against the dying of the light. No scandal. Just an old player accepting that, yeah, he’s an old player.

We’re watching the end of a legendary and remarkable career, folks. In every sense of those terms.