UPDATE: Puig didn’t “storm off.” He was never even there. This is beyond bizarre.


UPDATE: Now Rosenthal has amended his story, saying that the “storming off” part was inaccurate and that Puig never, in fact, went to the ballpark.

This is extraordinarily strange.Rosenthal is a great reporter. Probably the best in the business. It’s doubtful that he’d report that Puig “stormed off” unless someone in an undeniable position to know told him so. So then: who, in a position to know, and whom someone with Rosenthal’s experience would be willing to trust on the matter, would be flat-out lying to him about Puig’s reaction that, apparently, never happened? And why?

UPDATE: Andy McCullough of the Los Angeles Times reports that Puig is expected to be demoted to Triple-A Oklahoma City on Tuesday. He says that Puig was informed of that possibility today, possibly to soften the blow. Which, OK, the Dodgers prerogative. But if so, why is did this turn into a controversy, the likes of which Rosenthal reported? Why not announce the demotion now? Or, if it makes internal sense to wait until tomorrow, why did this become a situation where Puig was reported to have “stormed off?” There are still unanswered questions here. I presume they’ll be answered soon enough.

6:48 PMKen Rosenthal reports that Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig “stormed off” from the Dodgers clubhouse at Dodger Stadium today as the team assembled to leave for its road trip to Colorado. The reason: he was informed that he would either be traded or sent to the minors. The Dodgers left on their flight to Colorado without him.

If this is true, this is a pretty epic temper tantrum. One that may have effectively ended his time as a Los Angeles Dodger. Being late to work and missing the cutoff man is one thing but, boy howdy, this is quite another.

Puig was obviously not traded today, though there were some rumors that the White Sox were interested in him. That rumor was shot down. It’s possible that, yes, he was going to be sent down. It’s been a rough season for him, obviously, with both injuries and ineffectiveness characterizing his season far more than the heroics he has displayed in the past. Indeed, he has declined for three straight seasons now and cannot seem to go a month without getting hurt. The Dodgers would be committing malpractice if they didn’t do what they could to either get something for him in a trade or to do try to get him back on track, using all options available. Including some time in Oklahoma City.

Now it’s an open question if they’ll even keep him in the organization. Because totally bailing on your team when faced with things almost every player faces at one time or another is inexcusable.