Fan runs onto the field in Detroit and gets slammed by security

Getty Images

Running on to the field at the ballpark is really dumb. You have no business being out there, you’re interrupting the game everyone paid to come and see and, not that we care too much, but you’re making yourself look like a big jerk.

Also: you’re doing it in a day and age when no one in any position of authority seems to have all that much interest in restraint, and that could make things go poorly for you.

Take this guy in Detroit yesterday. He ran onto the field at Comerica Park in the seventh inning and did his little run around thing, eluding the security guards. Then he gets tired and decides to give up. If he thought the security guard would just take him by the hand and escort him off the field, he was mistaken. The guard, whose authoritah had been disrespected, tackled him hard instead:

This seemed to end fine enough, but the current environment is such that, eventually, someone is going to get seriously hurt in this sort of situation. And everyone will say “hey, he deserved it, he shouldn’t have been there.” Despite the fact that no one used to body slam streakers and Morgana the Kissing Bandit and stuff and somehow the Republic managed to stand.