Trevor Bauer got his drone back with baseballs and fishing line

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On Monday Bill told you about the tragic loss suffered by Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer: he got his drone stuck up in a tree.

You’ll be happy and relieved to learn that Bauer has retrieved his drone. Paul Hoynes shares the details of the daring rescue, which involved fishing line, baseballs and the help of some clubhouse attendants in Kansas City:

“First we were casting up in the trees, but the hook kept getting stuck and we had to cut the line,” said Bauer. “Then we screwed the fishing line into a baseball and were throwing the ball up there at the branch.”

Read the story to learn the stunning conclusion of this saga.

I will report, however, that no one was injured during the rescue. The drone, however, is day-to-day with some dents, but should be alright. It’d be ready to go if this were the playoffs.