Coco Crisp thought he hit a walkoff homer. He didn’t.


As I mentioned in the recaps, the A’s won last night on a walkoff infield single that scored a guy from second base. Not bad! Even better, it made a previous blunder by an A’s player seem more amusing in hindsight as opposed to painful.

The blunder was by Coco Crisp who, in the bottom of the ninth, hit a long double off the right field wall which scored the tying run. The only problem: he thought it was a homer and started to leisurely jog the bases, only to be thrown out between second and third once the relay throw came in. It remained tied 3-3. Watch:

[mlbvideo id=”947631383″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

Crisp and many of his teammates later said that he thought the ball was gone. I saw someone on Twitter say that the Coliseum sound system began playing some triumphant, walkoff win music or something and that maybe helped confuse the situation more. Crisp, of course, can’t be in the business of relying on that as opposed to his own eyes and, if his eyes can’t see it, the umpires who do a fun little twirl-their-finger-in-the-air thing when someone hits a homer.

Thankfully for Crisp Josh Reddick and Marcus Semien won the game for the A’s, turning a potential tragedy into an amusing footnote.