Someone is making fake Christian Yelich videos of some kind. For some reason.


I am 100% sad for Christian Yelich if what he says here is true because someone doing bad stuff to someone else or portraying them falsely or anything like that is bad.

At the same time, it’s probably also something that we could file under “a thing we probably would’ve had no idea about if you hadn’t tweeted about it.” But I guess “get out in front of the controversy” is still rule number 1 of P.R. crisis aversion strategy, so he was probably damned no matter what he did.

In other news, who is making defamatory videos — no matter the genre — of Christian Yelich? What has he ever done to upset anyone? Besides, I dunno, being maybe the most underrated player in the game? Maybe other contenders for the most underrated crown — jealous underrated types! — are behind this. I mean, I’m not saying that Nolan Arenado or Jose Quintana are orchestrating a smear campaign, but perhaps their sympathizers are? You can’t control rabid fans.

Oh well, here’s hoping this gets nipped in the bud and that Yelich’s lawyers get medieval on whoever is messin’ with him.