Jonny Gomes is sad he can’t visit the White House with the Royals


The World Series champion Kansas City Royals will visit the White House on Thursday, but there will be one 2015 contributor who will not be with them: Jonny Gomes. As Ken Rosenthal reports, the Royals have not invited him along to go see President Obama. Gomes is “crushed” by it, Rosenthal says.

It’s not some rudeness or personal slight on the Royals’ part, Rosenthal reports. Rather, the guest list is just restricted by the Secret Service and Gomes — who was not on the playoff roster for the Royals — didn’t make the cut. Rosenthal notes, however, that some other past World Series winners have found ways to get guys who didn’t make the playoff roster or, in some cases, who weren’t even on the team the previous season, on the guest list.

Stuff happens I guess.