In Memoriam: remembering those in baseball lost in the past year


For the last three years, Paul Sullivan of Sully Baseball has put together a video montage of the baseball figures who have died since the previous All-Star Game. It’s the sort of “In Memoriam” piece that you see at the Oscars and other awards shows each year but which Fox and Major League Baseball, curiously, has never done. It just seems like an obvious thing to do. Maybe the 4-5 minutes such a thing would take detracts too much from the sponsor-service and baseball’s too self-congratulatory-by-half promotion of its own charitable efforts. Hard to say.

In any event, Sullivan has once again put together a wonderful video reminding us of the stars and journeymen, the broadcasters, executives and scouts, the men and the women who, in their own way, touched baseball and baseball fans in their time on Earth and who now reside in Baseball Valhalla.