Video: foul ball destroys a woman’s tray of beers


Humans are optimistic by nature. Or, at the very least, we focus on the good and do what we can to push away the bad, rejecting even the possibility of it. Many will claim we’re not wired this way, but we are.

For example, when someone does something with any degree of difficulty, on some level we expect success. We watch the tightrope walker or the escape artist or the stuntman do what should be close to impossible, but on some base level we expect them to pull it off. We have been conditioned to believe that messy and tragic failure will not attach. That they wouldn’t show us these feats if they ended horribly. It’s akin to that feeling some people get in national parks or wilderness areas. “How can this be unsafe? It has to be OK if they’re just letting people in here.” Then that person gets eaten by a bear and their children get raised by coyotes. Tale as old as time.

Anyway, the baseball equivalent of that is people making catches of foul balls with their beer. Three or four times a year we’ll get some video of a guy seemingly casually catching a foul in his 32 ounce Budweiser. It’s the sort of thing that makes us believe that foul balls and beers go together like beans and cornbread. Sadly, that is not always the case:

Be careful out there, folks. There are lots of bears in the woods and lots of ways to fall off a tightrope.