Giancarlo Stanton is the favorite to win the Home Run Derby


SAN DIEGO — Last year Todd Frazier was the favorite to win the Home Run Derby. He won the Home Run Derby. In 2014 Giancarlo Stanton was the favorite to win the Home Run Derby. He did not win it. Yoenis Cespedes did. There’s probably a lesson to be drawn from that but I just can’t tease it out. It probably has to do with not betting on crap like the Home Run Derby.

But hey, don’t let me judge you. You’re an adult. If you want to gamble on this thing, go ahead. It’s only the money for the kids braces and stuff. If you do so, here are your odds, courtesy of Bovada:

Giancarlo Stanton: +350
Mark Trumbo: +375
Wil Myers: +550
Todd Frazier: +600
Adam Duvall: +600
Robinson Cano: +800
Carlos Gonzalez: +800
Corey Seager: +900

The non-gambling among you should know that, with these sorts of betting lines, a +350 means you have to bet $100 to win $350 on Giancarlo Stanton, etc. etc. As far as these things go, Stanton is not an overwhelming long shot. It’s probably anybody’s contest.

It’s seeded, by the way, based on the number of homers each player has entering the break, with Trumbo first, Seager eighth and so on. Those to face off in the first round as do Stanton and Cano, Duvall vs. Myers and Frazier vs. Gonzalez.

As always, the combatants get to choose their pitcher. It’s often a father-son affair. This year Seager will have his father Jeff pitch to him and Myers will have his brother pitch to him. As many of my Twitter correspondents have said in the past week they should just have Chris Young pitch to everyone, but Major League Baseball never seems to want to have fun like that.

The show gets underway at 8pm Eastern tonight. Enjoy.