Giancarlo Stanton hits many dingers, wins Home Run Derby

Harry How/Getty Images

Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton came into Monday’s Home Run Derby at Petco Park as a number five seed due to a slightly underwhelming first half in which he hit only 20 home runs. The seeding was done based on first half home run totals. It might’ve been a little off.

In racking up prodigious home run totals each round, Stanton also hit many dingers very far. Early in the finals, ESPN put up this graphic, showing the longest homers of the Derby, which included all participants. I could only laugh after seeing it:’s Daren Willman did yeoman’s work providing Statcast data throughout the Derby. At the end of it, here’s a look at the damage Stanton did:

(The second column is the home run distance, the third column is the exit velocity.)

Stanton jacked 24 homers in the first round, which might’ve demoralized his first round bracket opponent Robinson Cano. The Mariners’ second baseman could only manage seven home runs, about three and a half times fewer home runs than Stanton hit.

Stanton opened up the second round having to overcome Orioles outfielder Mark Trumbo, who rivaled Stanton in terms of his power display. It wasn’t too farfetched to think Trumbo could knock Stanton out, but it wasn’t to be. The Marlins’ slugger, who Christian Yelich said was not a mortal man, nailed 17 home runs. Trumbo was able to hit the video board — something which Stanton said he was targeting in a pregame interview — but he totaled only 14, sending Stanton to the finals.

On the other side of the bracket, White Sox third baseman and defending Home Run Derby champion Todd Frazier knocked out Carlos Gonzalez in the first round 13-12, then took down Reds outfielder Adam Duvall 16-15 to advance to the finals against Stanton.

In the finals, Stanton hit first and though visibly exhausted, it didn’t show in the results. Stanton continued to hit long-distance homers, including one of his 497-foot shots. He wound up with 20 homers in his final round. Frazier was unable to match that, settling for 13 homers, dropping the 2016 Home Run Derby to Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton is the first member of the Marlins to win a Derby, though perhaps the least surprising winner.