Baseball uniforms are getting brighter


This is a fun story from John Larue of The Hardball Times. It’s an analysis of what colors teams have worn since 1962. That year was chosen as the starting point due to expansion and the rise of color television. As well as the fact that the 1960s truly did mark the end of a decades-long orthodoxy in uniform colors and style so it makes sense.

It’s a deep dive too, not just going with primary color schemes, but looking at who is wearing truly white whites as opposed to creams as well as categorizing overall cultural trends like 1990s purple and teal and the rise of black and silvers and grays. He also notes how the plethora of new ballparks have impacted uniform color trends. When you get a new ballpark, the rebranding tends to be pretty thorough, often with new duds as well.

The upshot of it all: after a period in which uniforms returned to their conservative roots in the 1990s and early 2000s, we’re seeing a bit of a color explosion once again with lots of bright colors. A lot of it is driven by nostalgia and throwbacks to the 1970s and 80s, but color is color, right?