All-Star lineups, starting pitchers announced

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SAN DIEGO — All-Star managers Terry Collins and Ned Yost just announced their starting lineups and starting pitchers at a press conference here in San Diego. Here’s how it breaks down:

American League Lineup:

1. Jose Altuve 2b
2. Mike Trout CF
3. Manny Machado 3B
4. David Ortiz DH
5. Xander Bogaerts SS
6. Eric Hosmer 1B
7. Mookie Betts RF
8. Salvador Perez C
9. Jackie Bradley Jr. LF

Chris Sale of the White Sox gets the start. Yost said that following Sale will be Corey Kluber, Cole Hamels, Aaron Sanchez and Jose Quintana. After that he’ll get into the pen.

National League Lineup:

1. Ben Zobrist 2B
2. Bryce Harper RF
3. Kris Bryant 3B
4. Wil Myers DH
5. Buster Posey C
6. Anthony Rizzo 1B
7. Marcell Ozuna CF
8. Carlos Gonzalez LF
9. Addison Russell SS

Johnny Cueto of the Giants is the starter. Collins said he had no set schedule yet for pitchers to follow Cueto.

I find it notable that the two players most often referred to as the best in baseball — Mike Trout and Bryce Harper — are batting second. The more advanced thinking in this day and age is that your best hitter should probably bat second. Most managers still don’t do that too often. Here two of the more traditional and, dare I say it, old school managers in the game are doing just that. They’ll be subbed out after a couple of innings so it doesn’t really matter, but it’s still kind of neat.