Shockingly, Donald Trump has polarized major league clubhouses


Jorge L. Ortiz of USA Today has a story today about how Donald Trump is playing among major league baseball players. You’d be surprised to hear that it’s a sharply mixed bag.

Ortiz notes that Major League Baseball has made strong overtures to Mexico and that over 27% of its players are from outside of the United States, with even more being American born players with family roots in Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. Trump’s strident anti-immigration sentiments and promise to build a wall on the border — and all of the rhetorical, political and emotional baggage that comes with that — obviously causes concern for many of these players and, in all likelihood, for Major League Baseball. The voice it to him in the story.

Ortiz notes, however, that baseball players from the United States are mostly white, rich and come largely from suburban or rural places, all of which are factors that lead to a person holding more conservative opinions. He quotes some white American players who aren’t fans of Trump, but they note that there is definitely more talk of politics in the clubhouse this year than in election years past.

Ortiz talks to one player who is a Trump supporter. Ryan Madson, who says foreign-born ballplayers have nothing to fear:

“I don’t think he’s worried about any Cuban players or any Mexican players,’’ Madson said of Trump. “Like he’s said, he has many Mexican Americans working for him, high up in his company.’’

Madson, who hails from Southern California, believes the idea behind the wall is to keep away terrorists – not necessarily from Mexico – who might try to infiltrate the U.S. through its southern border.

“I think the media has spun it in a way to make him look like he’s anti-immigrant, so I think it’s more their fault and how they’ve made him look than what he’s trying to do,’’ Madson said. “I don’t think he’s doing it in a way to be a Zionist. He’s not trying to seal us off from the world. He’s trying to just slow down or stop as much as he can what’s been happening here in America with the terrorists.’’

How Madson or anyone else can listen to everything Trump has said since announcing his candidacy last year about his wall and everything else and think that it’s a national security thing rather than an anti-immigration thing is beyond me. The man has not exactly hidden what he stands for in this area and poll after poll of his supporters show that Trump’s immigration proposals, especially the wall, are what move the needle for him. Madson talks about spin, but it sounds like he’s spun himself up in a pretty dramatic way in order to rationalize the whole wall thing.

Anyway, next story: ballplayers’ views on Hillary Clinton. That’d probably be a lot of fun.