Benches clear in Chicago as the Braves and Cubs throw inside


Benches cleared in the eighth inning of the Braves-Cubs game in Chicago last night. In the runup to it, Kris Bryant was hit twice by the Braves’ Lucas Harrell and Anthony Rizzo was hit once, by Braves pitcher Hunter Cervenka. Then, in the eighth, Cubs pitcher Hector Rondon threw inside to Jeff Francoeur. He didn’t hit Francoeur, but it prompted Frenchy to have words with Cubs catcher Willson Contreras. The words got heated and the benches cleared. No one was ejected and no punches were thrown.

You can watch the eighth inning incident here. The best part is the commentary from the Braves announcers, particularly Paul Byrd, the color man. He plays the homer to the hilt, blaming the Cubs for not getting out of the way of the three pitches that hit their batters and making a comment about Contreras being a rookie, implying that a veteran like Francoeur can say anything he wants to him and he just has to shut up and take it. As if Francoeur doesn’t swing at pitches farther outside the strike zone than the one that Rondon delivered to him on the regular. I sort of hope Contreras mentioned that, actually. That would be wild.

I didn’t watch the game and don’t know what happened with the Rizzo and Bryant plunkings — I’m going to assume they weren’t malicious incidents and that it was just the regular stuff of pitchers and batters competing for the inside of the plate — but Byrd’s homer/pro-veteran stuff is making me roll my eyes so hard into the back of my head that I think I pinched my optic nerve.

David Price has opted out of the 2020 season

David Price opts out of season
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David Price has opted out of the 2020 season. he’s the biggest star to do so to date. He said the that he will not play the 2020 season, citing health concerns because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Price joins Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross of the Washington Nationals, Ian Desmond of the Colorado Rockies, Mike Leake of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and free agent Tyson Ross on the list of players who have chosen not to take part in the season.

Price, who was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Dodgers in a five-player deal in February, previously agreed to pay more than 200 Dodgers minor leaguers $1,000 each to make up for lost wages. He was poised to enter the fifth season of a seven-year, $217 million contract he signed with the Red Sox in December of 2015. Per the terms of the agreement between the MLBPA and MLB, Price will not be paid for the 2020 season.