Zack Hample apologizes for going to the Fort Bragg game


Bill covered the whole Zack Hample/Fort Bragg game controversy yesterday. The upshot: famous foul ball/home run ball collector who enjoys promoting himself as much as he enjoys catching foul balls begged his way into the Braves-Marlins game at Fort Bragg which was to be for military personnel only and caught major hell for it. For what it’s worth, I am in 100% agreement with Bill about (a) Hample being kind of a skeeze; and (b) the outrage over him getting into that game being somewhat overheated, likely because of the politics of patriotism and supporting the troops.

Against that backdrop, Hample himself issued an apology yesterday afternoon. As far as apologies go, it ended well, with Hample calling his behavior “oblivious” and “idiotic,” though the 90% of it beforehand was devoted to trying to make it sound like what he did wasn’t that big of a deal.

I don’t know. Except for extreme cases, I don’t much go in for the apology policing thing. Most public apologies are bad. A good number of them are aimed at the wrong people. We take what we can get. If you care about Hample or his antics, you can judge for yourself if his was any good: