The Rockies request release waivers on Jose Reyes


The Rockies took the second step in the process of turning Jose Reyes into a free agent today, requesting formal release waivers on him. This is the followup to their designating him for assignment last week.

During that time he’s been off the roster and the Rockies could have, in theory, traded him. No one would give up anything for Reyes at this point, of course, let alone take on his salary. While Reyes is on waivers — which will last through Friday — someone can claim him for no talent in exchange, but would still have to pay him the tens of millions left on his contract. No one is gonna do that either. Once he clears waivers on Friday without anyone claiming him he’s a free agent who can be signed for the major league minimum salary with the Rockies on the hook for all of those millions on his deal.

There has been speculation that the Mets may look at him as an option for third base. Obviously, of course, Reyes’ recent domestic violence arrest will make him a much harder player to sign from an ethical and public relations perspective. The fact that he hasn’t played third and had a bad year last year may make him a harder sell baseball wise.