Red Sox outfielder Chris Young suffers a hamstring injury

Getty Images

March and April are for optimism. May is for realism. June and July is when the harsh cold water of reality in the form of injuries, some soul-crushing, some merely cumulative, really starts to splash baseball fans in the face. Indeed, it seems like every day lately we’ve had a handful of dudes go down. The latest dude: Red Sox left fielder Chris Young.

Young hit a line drive off the Green Monster at Fenway Park a few minutes ago and rounded first. He realized he had best stay at first, however, and when he turned he collapsed to the ground. He made it back to first base but he had to crawl to do it. He left the field with a trainer, unable to put weight on his right leg. It seems clear that it’s a hamstring injury and seems clear he’s heading for the disabled list.

Young is hitting .271/.333/.504 with six homers and 15 RBI in 47 games for the Sox this year.