Collegiate summer league team to host an open carry “Second Amendment Appreciation Night”

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Guns have been in the news a lot lately, what with our true national pastime being (a) witnessing horrific massacres; followed by (b) heated debates about possibly doing something to stop it; and (c) then doing absolutely nothing about it.

Into that mix comes The Battle Creek Bombers, a collegiate summer league team in Michigan, who will be hosting a night of Constitutional education at their ballpark Friday. Or, put differently, a game at which fans can totally pack heat.

The promotion, entitled “Second Amendment Appreciation Night,” will be hosted by a gun dealer called Freedom Firearms. What’s it all about?

“It’s a celebration of responsible gun ownership and learning, if you do have a firearm, how to do it safely,” said Bombers General Manager Tony Lovieno . . . organizers say it’s promoting firearms safety and education.   Open carry is permitted at the game, however anybody caught drinking while carrying will be asked to leave immediately.”

In other news, almost no teams host “bat day” anymore because of concerns over fan safety.

Really, though, this seems like a wonderful idea, in totally great taste, and which is designed to maximize the safety of all involved. Way better than those “don’t bring guns to the crowded public events” things we so often see. Those are simply irresponsible.

(Via Vice Sports)