Royals fans rescue a puppy left in a hot car at Kauffman Stadium


A group of Royals fans left Kauffman Stadium during the eighth inning of a 13-inning game Sunday afternoon. Sometimes people who leave games early are accused of being “bad fans,” but they were hero fans that day. And someone who stayed at the game to watch the action unfold was the bad one. Why? Because whoever stayed behind left their puppy in a hot car in the parking lot. The fans who left early saved its life.

The full story is at the Kansas City Star. The fans saw the puppy, which is only four months old or so, in a car with the windows cracked. It was a day game, however, with temperatures in the 90s, so you know it was as hot as all get-out in that car. They alerted authorities and the puppy was rescued. The owner has not yet come forward to claim it — probably out of shame — and the puppy will likely have a safe new home with one of the rescuers.

What in the hell is wrong with people?