Chase d’Arnaud gives a towel-clad Jeff Francoeur a poolside serenade


The Braves are 23-46, but don’t tell them they can’t enjoy life. At least don’t tell it to utilityman Chase d'Arnaud and outfielder Jeff Francoeur.

The Braves had the day off in Miami yesterday in the runup to their midweek series against the Marlins. As most of us would do with a day to kill at a nice hotel in Miami, d’Arnaud and Francoeur were chilling by the pool. And then d’Arnaud broke out the acoustic.

Then the magic happened:

The best part of this is that some angry Braves fan is going to start ranting about how they should spend less time doing this kind of thing and more time taking batting practice or being shameful or something. Those fans are the best fans.