Sure, Joe Maddon would appear on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”


Yesterday white dudes between the ages of, say, 30 and 45 got the best news they’ve heard in years as HBO announced that Larry David had agreed to do a ninth season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

It was a great show which I liked a lot, but the response was a tad disorienting yesterday. I just get a bit nervous when there is such overwhelmingly positive response to a cultural thing from a narrow demographic. It’s like sportswriters and Springsteen, liberal urbanites with the “Serial” podcast or frat boys in the 90s with the Dave Matthews Band. Hey, I’m glad you like that stuff and I don’t hate the thing you enjoy, but unanimity of view on anything makes me nervous. This is the Internet. We need some acrimony here and when no one is crapping on things it feels . . . off somehow.

Anyway, news of the “Curb” revival made its way to Joe Maddon before yesterday’s Cubs-Nats game. The reason: Jeff Garlin, “Curb” co-star and a big fan of the Cubs, had told Joe Maddon that if the show came back that he’d get Maddon an appearance. A reporter asked Maddon yesterday if he’d be interested. He said “of course” and that he’s in:

“His people have not reached out to my people yet. I have not been contacted yet. I haven’t seen Jeff in a while, so we haven’t communicated. We’re all happy that it’s coming back, man. It’s still the best. It’s absolutely the best . . . If he said he’s going to make it happen, we’ll make it happen.”

“Curb” has touched on baseball in the past, of course. It even helped exonerate a man charged with murder as a result of him being seen in the crowd at a baseball game at which they were filming. I figure that they could have fun with Maddon too.