Jayson Werth says critics of his age can “kiss my ass!”

Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

For the second time in four games, Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth delivered a walk-off hit. On Sunday, it was a walk-off two-run single to overcome a 4-3 deficit against the Phillies. On Wednesday, it was an RBI single to end a topsy-turvy game against the Cubs.

Werth is known for his devil may care attitude, which endears him to some fans and annoys others. He’ll always tell you what he’s feeling, though, and today was no different when he was interviewed on the field by MASN’s Dan Kolko. Chris Lingebach of 1067 The Fan has the transcript:

The key part of the interview with the 37-year-old Werth:

Kolko: “You’ve talked about people maybe criticizing your age coming into this season and you’ve said you’ve had a little bit left in the tank, you’re convinced of that. How do you feel just about the way that you’re swinging it, and what you’ve been able to accomplish over these last four days?”

Werth: “Yeah! Those people can kiss my ass!”

Would that more athletes were as colorful as Werth with the media. But, unfortunately, athletes are often met with “stick to sports” or are silenced in other ways when they venture beyond the cliches.

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