Video: Hideki Matsui hits a monster homer in the Yankees Old Timers Game


Hideki Matsui doesn’t seem like an old timer. His last season was 2012 but it sort of feels like yesterday. Indeed, a lot about his career feels time warpy in certain respects. His last season as a Yankee was 2009 but it feels like he never played anywhere else. His wanderings through Anaheim, Oakland and Tampa Bay feel distinctly non-canon. He was one of the more beloved Yankees of the past 10-15 years or so, so it’s hard to picture him with anyone else even though we know he did.

I guess, by baseball standards, he’s an old timer. He’s younger than Bartolo Colon and Ichiro. He’s only a month and a half older 13 and a half months older than A-Rod. But thats still old. And yesterday he played in the Yankees Old Timers Game. He took fellow Old Timer David Cone deep to right field:

[mlbvideo id=”806664683″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]