Juan Uribe took a grounder right in the . . . man, that’s gotta hurt.


There is absolutely nothing good about someone getting injured by a ground ball and there are fewer good things than that — like, negative good things — about a guy getting injured by a ground ball straight to the crotch. The only even arguable silver lining is the mild amusement one gets from seeing what euphemism “a ground ball straight to the crotch” is given by various media outlets.

Back in the old WWF days, Gorilla Monsoon used to refer to every shot to the crotch as “a shot to the solar plexus” for some reason. The person making the headlines on the MLB.com videos goes with “lower body injury”:

[mlbvideo id=”806543883″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]


I’m guessing a “lower body” injury would be way better because that’d just be a bruised calf or something. It’s those MID body injuries that really suck.

Either way, Indians third baseman Juan Uribe is said to have a “testicular contusion,” which is something you don’t want anyone to have. Godspeed, Juan.