Bartolo Colon set a record last night

Getty Images

If you hang around anywhere long enough you eventually set some records. Bartolo Colon is 43. He’s hung around a long time and, last night, he set a record: the most plate appearances without drawing a walk in a major league career.

Our friend Jason Lukehart — the man who invented the “Maddux” stat —  has been tracking this one since early May and updated a good BartoloAnalysis post on the matter when Colon reached plate appearance number 259, passing ex-Red Sox, Mets and Cardinals pitcher Tracy Stallard for the all-time lead. The kicker: Colon swung at what should’ve been ball four in one of his plate appearances last night. Quite a clutch performance.

More analysis of it can be read over at FanGraphs, where Corinne Landrey breaks all of this dubiousness down.