Two Rockies cover first base, neither records an out


Most of the time the first baseman covers first base. Sometimes the pitcher covers first base. Sometimes a second baseman wheels over and covers first base. Baseball is complicated like that.

Too much coverage can be a bad thing, however. Just ask the Colorado Rockies who, on a play against the Dodgers last night, had two guys covering first base at the same time on a bunt. Unfortunately Nolan Arenado, who fielded the ball, threw to the one whose foot was not on the bag. Which, I suppose, causes one to ask whether first base was truly being covered by two people. That’s sort of metaphysical at some point, though. It gets complicated.

Point is, the runner was safe. Listen to Vin on the call:

[mlbvideo id=”792356683″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]