David Ortiz: “mentally, I’m exhausted”

Getty Images

David Ortiz is raking this year and that has led many to wonder if he truly will retire. We tackled that a couple of weeks ago, discussing how those who think he shouldn’t retire are missing the point of with respect to why he’s choosing to retire.

If there was any doubt about that, Ortiz’s interview with Bob Nightengale should put that further to rest:

“A couple of years ago everyone kept asking, ‘How much longer you going to play?’ And now, people see you doing your thing, and they’re telling you, “Don’t quit now. We would like to see you play for another year.’ It’s crazy . . . right now, my mind is made up. Physically, I could do it, but mentally, I’m exhausted. Hopefully, everything keeps going well this year, because right now, everything is going perfect.”

Calls for Ortiz to play beyond this year are about the person making the call, not about David Ortiz. He says he’s having fun. He even says “I’m having so much fun that I actually can’t believe I’m retiring this year, either.’’ But he says he is definitely retiring.

Let’s enjoy a great athlete going out on top and stop demanding that he goes out on our terms.