And That Happened: Wednesday’s scores and highlights

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Short version today for reasons. Let’s just say I’m depressed¬†over Yu Darvish leaving with shoulder problems three starts into his comeback from Tommy John surgery. Or that Big Game James Shield’s awful White Sox debut has left me speechless. Or that I have been shocked into silence by the Braves finally winning a game in San Diego for the first time since Obama’s first term. It was presaged, obviously, by Snoop Dogg’s terrible ceremonial first pitch, for which there are almost no words.

Maybe after some coffee and reflection later I’ll be able to put all of this into context and go on, somehow. The scores:

Cubs 8, Phillies 1
Blue Jays 7, Tigers 2
Braves 4, Padres 2
Rays 6, Diamondbacks 3
Yankees 12, Angels 6
Orioles 4, Royals 0
Mets 6, Pirates 5
Cardinals 12, Reds 7
Astros 3, Rangers 1
Nationals 11, White Sox 4
Brewers 4, Athletics 0
Twins 7, Marlins 5
Mariners 5, Indians 0
Rockies 1, Dodgers 0
Giants 2, Red Sox 1