The Braves think they were robbed of a home run


Last night the Braves lost in walkoff fashion after blowing a small lead. The lead could’ve been bigger, they think. That’s because in the eighth inning Freddie Freeman hit a ball to the wall and ended up with a triple that they believed should’ve been a home run.

Watch the play here. If the ball hits the fan’s glove first, it’s a homer. The top of that wall, however, is in play:

[mlbvideo id=”788408583″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

My view of it is that it’s a clear triple, not a homer. It looked like it clearly bounced off the wall and that the fan didn’t touch it. I think the umps got it right. Braves players and coaches, however, all thought after the game that it was the wrong call.

I dunno. When everything is going bad for you, at some point, you’ll try to grab on to anything.