Jared Goff meets Yasiel Puig, calls him “a really cool guy”


Back in 2013, quarterback Jared Goff tweeted that he hoped Yasiel Puig would take a fastball to the ribs. He was just 17 at the time, but tweets live forever. Unless you delete them, of course, and Goff never bothered to delete it. When Goff was drafted by the Rams in April Puig found the tweet and tweeted back at Goff that he’d have to come to Dodger Stadium soon. He wanted to be friends with his fellow Los Angeles sports star.

Yesterday Goff took Puig up on the offer. Rams rookies took batting practice with the Dodgers and Goff threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Puig caught it. Goff had kinder words for Puig last night then he did back when he was 17:

“We made up a long time ago and it was good to talk to him, he’s a really cool guy. It’s funny, it was something I tweeted when I was 17 years old and it came out now. He thought it was funny.”

He also got a #PuigMyFriend shirt:

Aww. Video:

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