Cobb County Georgia can’t fund its public parks because of the Braves stadium


Neil deMause of Field of Schemes passes along the news that Cobb County, Georgia, which committed $400 million to build the Atlanta Braves new ballpark, cannot fulfill $40 million in obligations it undertook to build public parks.

As deMause notes, it’s not a matter of just foregoing some theoretical public park expenditures due to the new priority of an MLB ballpark. Rather, the county redirected money earmarked — and approved by voters — for public parks to the Braves project, which was never placed before¬†voters. The county says it will now have to raise taxes to fulfill the public park obligation.

Most public ballpark projects are an exercise in the debasement of governmental purpose in the name of corporate greed. This one is on the more extreme end of the spectrum in just about every way.