MLB won’t discipline Dodgers over use of rangefinder

David Cannon/Getty Images
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ESPN’s Doug Padilla reports that Major League Baseball won’t discipline the Dodgers over the use of a laser rangefinder to mark outfield positions last week at Citi Field. On Sunday, it was reported that the Mets were unhappy with the Dodgers’ tactics and asked MLB for clarification.

The Dodgers use a rangefinder to make markings in the outfield grass at home, but were denied when the club asked the Mets’ grounds crew if they could do the same at Citi Field. As Padilla notes, the rules do not forbid teams from making markings for positioning purposes.

Howie Kendrick was seen pulling something out of his pocket in the outfield during the game against the Mets, but pitcher Brett Anderson clarified that it was a chart with notes on defensive alignments.