The Indians are getting rid of their cream-colored jerseys. This is an outrage.

Associated Press

Personally, I think the alternate uniforms the Indians introduced in 2008 — the cream numbers with the red-block “Indians” on the front and the navy, block-C cap” were among the best-looking uniforms in baseball. If they took Chief Wahoo off the sleeve they’d be even better, but they were still the best the Indians ever looked.

In the past couple of years they messed the look up a bit by going with a red cap instead of the navy cap at home, so the shine was off a bit. Still, a good look, only a cap’s change away from greatness. Now, however, they are getting rid of the cream uniforms all together. You can read about it over at Let’s Go Tribe. They’re happy about the change, by the way, because some people just don’t have great taste like I do.

The Indians will keep their softball-looking blue jerseys with either white or gray pants because, hey, who doesn’t want to look bad as much as possible? They’ll also keep their regular script “Indians” home whites because who doesn’t love the 90s? They’ll also keep Wahoo on as many sleeves and caps as possible, because nothing beats slapping racist caricatures on as many surfaces as one can find.

But the classy-lookin’ duds are right out.