Justin Verlander: not a big fan of Marlon Byrd right now


Justin Verlander has consistently spoken out against PED users in his midst and in quite vivid and uncompromising terms. So it is no surprise that, in the wake of Marlon Byrd‘s suspension today, Verlander has an opinion.

It’s a pretty short one, though. In fact, it’s just an emoji:

In this case, it’s quite possible that Verlander is not merely mad about the ethics of cheating in the game he loves. It may be personal. For you see, Byrd hit a big, tie-breaking and ultimately game-winning homer off of Verlander back on April 22:

[mlbvideo id=”613106683″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

I’d probably post an angry face emoji if I were Verlander too. Among other things.