Yasiel Puig made a pretty epic blunder yesterday


The Dodgers played a 17-inning game against the Padres yesterday. And they won! And Yasiel Puig knocked in the the go-ahead runs in the 17th. Hero, right? Well, in the end, sure. But they may not have had to play 17 innings if he wasn’t daydreaming in the ninth inning.

In the ninth, Puig reached second base following a single and a subsequent wild pitch. Catcher A.J. Ellis came to the plate and looked to bunt Puig to third base, putting him in position to score on a sac fly or whatever. There would only be one out after the sacrifice. Ellis got the bunt down. Yay!

Except . . . Puig didn’t run. He just stood there at second base. Despite the fact no one was covering third after the third baseman charged the ball and despite the fact that he would’ve easily beaten the shortstop over there who had broken to cover. You go on contact with a sacrifice, but Puig just stopped and gawked. Watch:

[mlbvideo id=”727756283″ width=”600″ height=”336″ /]

The next two batters flied out. You can’t assume anything after a certain series of events are put in motion, but it sure would’ve been nice for the Dodgers to have had a base runner on third for the first one of those fly outs.

After the game no one had a great explanation for it. Puig admitted he screwed up. Dave Roberts said he didn’t have a bunt sign on, but it’s common for someone to bunt in that situation and Ellis squared well before the pitch, which should’ve clued Puig in. When the press was in the clubhouse Roberts said he hadn’t talked to Puig about it yet. And, obviously, the Dodgers winning and Puig providing the winning RBIs helped soothe that a good bit.

But boy howdy, that was a first class blunder. One that caused the teams to have to play eight more innings and caused Roberts to have to use his Tuesday starter for three innings on Sunday.