A lucky fan got to have a catch with Max Scherzer at Citi Field

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Matt Monagan of MLB.com’s Cut4 details how a lucky Mets fan at Citi Field had the opportunity to have a catch with Nationals ace Max Scherzer before Wednesday night’s game.

The 11-year-old kid, Joe, threw the ball back and forth from the seats above the fence in left field down to Scherzer in left field. His father, also named Joe, took video of the two playing catch. After the game, dad tweeted his appreciation to Max Scherzer:

It was only a few minutes out of Scherzer’s schedule, but he made a lifelong memory for the kid and his dad.

I was once that kind of a lucky fan. Back in 2000, my dad and I were at Veteran’s Stadium way early for a Phillies game, before the gates even opened. How we got in, I forget. We’re two of maybe 10 people in the stands at 3 PM for a 7 PM game. Pat Burrell was in left field stretching, with a glove and ball to the side. I yelled down to him, “Hey Pat!” He looked back at me, smiled and waved. He stretched a bit more, then turned again to me and asked if I wanted to have a catch. I nervously replied, “yeah” and he tossed a ball up to me. I threw it back down and we repeated the process for about five minutes. Then, Pat said he had to go back to the clubhouse for a bit and told us to enjoy the game.

No sweat for Burrell, but he created a memory I’ve held on to for over a decade and a half. Scherzer just did the same for that kid.