And That Happened: Sunday’s scores and highlights

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Obviously the big story of yesterday was that melee in Texas. We had it all covered here, here, here and here. A few minutes ago I wrote a big WHAT YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT THE BAUTISTA-ODOR FIGHT post, because that’s just how I roll. I’ll say that it also took a lot of my morning mojo to do it. Between that and the fact that Bill had Sunday covered like a champ last night. I’m just throwing the scores out here and you can talk about it amongst yourselves. Here are the scores.

Yankees 7, White Sox 5
Twins 5, Indians 1
Athletics 7, Rays 6
Tigers 6, Orioles 5
Red Sox 10, Astros 9
Marlins 5, Nationals 1
Reds 9, Phillies 4
Brewers 3, Padres 2
Royals 4, Braves 2 — note: if you’re gonna lose in dramatic fashion, Atlanta, please do it nine innings from now on; the seven of us who still root for you have stuff to do on Sunday afternoons.
Pirates 2, Cubs 1
Rangers 7, Blue Jays 6
Angels 3, Mariners 0
Rockies 4, Mets 3
Giants 2, Diamondbacks 1
Cardinals 5, Dodgers 2