Jose Reyes’ suspension could come as early as today

Associated Press

Earlier this¬†week we heard that Jose Reyes‘ suspension is likely to be sizable. As in 60 to 80 games, according to Jon Heyman’s sources. Ken Rosenthal is now reporting that the suspension could be handed down today.

Reyes has already missed 34 games, though that is on paid leave. Whatever suspension he ends up getting will include those 34 games, but he will have to repay the salary he earned during that time to transform them into unpaid leave. Which makes some degree of sense. Baseball’s biggest problem in the early going of its domestic violence policy has been the optics of having players under investigation appearing on the field, thus the idea of paid/unpaid leave and clawbacks makes some amount of sense. The Braves are currently dealing with the same issue with respect to Hector Olivera.

All in all, Reyes could be looking at a forfeiture of nearly half of the $22 million he’s owed this season and an addition 45 games or so away from his club.