Poll: Americans hate the DH, like bat flips and think Barry Bonds should be in the Hall of Fame


Public Policy Polling — which normally handles political stuff — does an annual sports poll too. There’s a lot of baseball in it and that makes it relevant to our interests.

All of the results, with respect to all sports, can be found here. Some of the highlights:

  • 68% of sports fans consider domestic violence to be a more serious offense than taking PEDs and that domestic violence should lead to more serious discipline to only 21% who think using PEDs is worse. I presume all 21% of those who think PEDs are worse are Hall of Fame voters;
  • On a similar note, 51% of MLB fans think Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens should be let in the Hall of Fame, 34% kept out;
  • In sports labor conflicts, 43% of Americans says they generally side with the players compared to just 20% who say they generally side with the owners. Which I have a hard time believing. Maybe fans don’t think they’re siding with owners, but they certainly agree with the same positions regarding labor and salaries and stuff that owners do;
  • 56% of fans approve of doing the wave at sporting events to 18% who disapprove. I used to be totally anti-wave, but I’ve changed my mind on that to mere indifference. It’s part of my whole “don’t hate what other people like just because other people like it” kick. I won’t likely do the wave because, eh, why, but if you want to do the wave, enjoy yourself;
  • MLB fans prefer pitchers batting over the DH 65/25. It was 55/33 last year. I can only presume that this year’s polling was done while Bartolo Colon was literally rounding the bases during his homer on Saturday;
  • MLB fans approve of bat flips, 48/31. Generational divide- Millennials support them 79/9, seniors are against 23/43.

Now is a good time for me to remind you that democracy is the best thing there is, except in instances where the majority disagrees with me. Then it is the worst thing. I presume you feel the same way. If so, it’s the only thing I agree with you on.