The Braves played shorthanded yesterday because the front office messed up


The Braves won yesterday but they still Braves’d it up to some extent. How? They played with only 24 guys. Why? Because the front office made a mistake in a transaction.

Yesterday the Braves  announced that they had selected the contract of Emilio Bonifacio from Triple-A and optioned reliever Chris Withrow to the minors. Bonifacio was in Chicago in time to be ready for the game and everything so, as far as that all goes, it’s all good.

The problem: Bonafacio hadn’t been in the minors for 30 days since he was released and then re-signed by Atlanta on a minor league deal at the beginning of the season, which is required before being called back up. He’s not eligible to be on the big club until Saturday. So, with Withrow already on a plane down to Georgia and Bonafacio ineligible, Atlanta played with 24 guys. In a game that went extra innings, even. Lucky for Atlanta they got seven solid innings from their starter and won it in 10.

It’s been a long season already for the Braves, so I guess it’s understandable if beginning-of-the-season transactions feel like they were months and months ago, but their front office is still subject to the same calendar as everyone else.