Trevor Hoffman, Dave Winfield named All-Star Game “Spokespeople”


Major League Baseball announced this afternoon that Trevor Hoffman and Dave Winfield have been named the “official spokespeople” of the 2016 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Both, obviously, starred for the San Diego Padres during their careers. After the late Tony Gwynn they’re easily the two most famous Padres of all time, right? Have to be.

What do All-Star “spokespeople” do? Without looking I’m going to assume that they give evasive answers about the bad behavior of the All-Star Game and serve as a buffer between the press and the All-Star Game which, frankly, would prefer its privacy. Given the low ratings for past All-Star Games you’d assume that it had plenty of solitude already, but you can never be too sure.

OK, I’ll look:

As All-Star spokespeople, Hoffman and Winfield will help to generate public awareness for the 87th Midsummer Classic and its surrounding events. They also will participate in All-Star events and will make a variety of appearances throughout All-Star Week in San Diego, including attending MLB All-Star FanFest, ballpark events, community refurbishment projects and more.

There you have it. If, for some reason, you become unaware of the All-Star Game between now and mid-July, blame Winfield and Hoffman for dropping the dang ball or otherwise doing the job in a horses**t manner.