UPDATE: Kris Bryant left the game because he rolled his ankle


UPDATE: Turns out Bryant leaving the game had nothing to do with being hit by two pitches. Rather, when he was running the bases after reaching in the third — the time he reached WITHOUT being hit by a pitch — he rolled his right ankle.

It must not be super serious — he stayed in the game for a bit after that — but it was enough to where it wasn’t worth risking any further damage.

4:18 PM: Tough day at the office for Kris Bryant.

The Cubs are playing the Brewers at Wrigley. They’re currently up 5-0 thanks to them teeing off against Taylor Jungmann, who couldn’t make it out of the fourth inning. I haven’t been watching the game so I can’t tell if it was out of frustration or ineptness, but Jungmann hit Kris Bryant twice.

The first one was almost certainly unintentional, as it came with one out in the first inning and a man on first. The second one came in the fourth with the Cubs up by five already but it’s not like it followed a homer or something. There were two outs and a man on. Jungmann faced one more batter after that and walked him and then got yanked. I’d say it’s a 99.9% probability that he simply didn’t know where the ball was going and his manager took him out because he’s a danger to himself, others and the Brewers’ chances at making this game even remotely respectable.

No word on why Bryant is out yet, but presumably it’s because he’s already taken enough wear and tear in a game the Cubs are likely to win. If there is anything beyond that, we’ll update.