The Red Sox are encouraged by Pablo Sandoval’s conditioning progress the past few weeks


Rob Bradford of WEEI has an omnibus Pablo Sandoval update.

Short version: the Sox will know more about his status early next week. He’s finally going back to Dr. Andrews for a consult on his shoulder, which Andrews was not able to do previously because Sandoval was experiencing too much pain. It should go down on Monday. Bradford has some backfill on the history of Sandoval’s shoulder issues, dating back to his Giants days, and the Sox’ awareness of previous problems. There are also some interesting observations about how the Red Sox deal with insuring players for injuries, which they have apparently not done in Sandoval’s case.

Additional takeaway: the Sox deny Jeff Passan’s report from a couple of weeks ago that there is some sort of mandate on Sandoval to lose a certain amount of weight before he can play again, even if his shoulder is OK. Bradford said that the Sox are monitoring Sandoval’s progress since he went on the disabled list and that they’re “encouraged” by what he’s been doing since he’s been out, conditioning wise.

In the past Sandoval has gone back and forth in this department, dropping weight and improving fitness when the Giants leaned on him, backsliding when they didn’t. It’s obviously a struggle for him, but he has shown that he’s capable of righting things when he has to. The shoulder here is an obvious wrinkle and a potentially major one, but we’ll know more in the coming days.