The Nashville Sounds announce a Country Legends mascot Race

Associated Press

The themed mascots race is all over baseball now, from the original Racing Sausages at Miller Park to the Racing Presidents at Nats park and just about anything else you can imagine.

The minor leagues are no exception, as several clubs have instituted similar mid-inning distractions. The one Nashville just announced may be the best so far. From Benjamin Hill at

This First Tennessee Park spectacle is the Music City equivalent of pepperoni rolls in West Virginia,mayors in Tri-Cities or spiedies in Binghamton. That is to say, a regionally specific triumvirate of costumed characters that engage in heated between-inning battles on a nightly basis. Some Sounds fans put their Cash on Johnny, others have a Jones for George and still others root for Reba the McEntire way. But regardless of one’s specific preference, the Nashville sound is now well-represented by the Nashville Sounds.

They better have the George Jones mascot be a no-show for half the races or else not even bother.