Meanwhile, in baseball fashion . . .


Baseball fashion, like non-baseball fashion, is a cyclical thing. It lags the culture at large in a lot of ways, of course, but it still follows it.

Everyone had a haircut you could set your watch to until the 1960s, but then things got long and unruly and facial hair got popular too. Baseball followed in the 70s. CopStaches, blow-dried mullets and the like proliferated in the late 70s and early 80s in America at large and then they followed suit in baseball shortly thereafter. Beards got hip several years back in society, now they’re all over baseball. Ballplayers are human just like anyone else.

But I do think we’ve reached peak scraggly beard. And people outside of baseball are noticing too:


I don’t want to go back to crewcuts or CopStaches, but I do feel like we need a change. And a few hundred razors.