Update: the guy Yadi Molina pointed at was a Padres security staffer


UPDATE: I just spoke to a Padres source who tells me that the person in the video at whom Molina was pointing is a member of the security team normally stationed out there. When he moved away it wasn’t because Molina was calling him out, but because he temporarily had to leave his post. He’s normally stationed out in the batter’s eye like that.

10:44 AM: Yesterday, during the Padres-Cardinals game, Yadier Molina pointed to the center field camera well at a guy in a Padres shirt with a pair of binoculars and a walkie-talkie. Molina talked the the umpire about it. The guy soon backed out.

Ted Berg of USA Today’s FTW speculates that Molina thought the guy was stealing signs. Or trying to. Maybe he was.  Maybe he was just doing something else and Molina was just being cautious about it. Who knows? But I agree with Berg that the real story here is that Molina has to be the most observant dude in the world to have noticed that, over 400 feet away while trying to do his job.