Wanna buy Chase Utley’s house?


You may be aware that Chase Utley used to play for the Phillies. And that he doesn’t anymore. And that, because he doesn’t anymore, he doesn’t need a house in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. Well, to be honest, no one needs a house in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, but when you’re a rich athlete you’re likely to have one there.

Now Utley wants to sell his and, if you happen to need a house in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, you can have Utley’s. At least if you have $3.495 million. Plus closing costs, I’m guessing. If Utley will break a dude’s leg to break up a double play, he sure as hell isn’t gonna meet you halfway on closing costs. I wouldn’t even ask, really.

The house itself looks pretty good. A story about it and a slideshow for it is here. The outside looks like a stockbroker might own it and that’s kind of boring, but inside it has a lot of clean lines and skews modern as opposed to all of that ornate and gross Mediterranean crap you often see in ballplayers’ houses. God, I hate that.

Bonus: Allen Iverson used to own it before Utley did. It’d be cool if, say, Ron Jaworski, Wilt Chamberlain and, I dunno, Ed Delahanty used to own it too, but it doesn’t look that old.

(h/t to Bernie for the heads up)