Cubs fan says his post-Arrieta no-hitter arrest was worth it


After Jake Arrieta no-hit the Reds last week, a Cubs fan rushed the field and joined the dogpile. Then he was quickly dragged off by security personnel, because that’s what happens when you do that kind of thing.

The fan, Dylan Cressy, a 22-year-old student from Indiana University, regrets nothing. He tells the Chicago Tribune that he handed his wallet and phone to his friend, jumped the railing and celebrated. He tells the Tribune that he “accepted that he was going to jail,” that it was “pure joy,” and that it was “worth every penny.”

Which, I presume he meant in terms of bail and the fine he’ll eventually have to pay. His dad bailed him out, by the way. I’d be curious to hear if dad thinks the cost-benefit analysis is just as good.

As for Cressy’s future: having an arrest is not great for when one goes looking for a job, but if you have to have one, this is a pretty good one. Some places may reject you out of hand, but if he’s interviewing in Chicago someday that’s a pretty good conversation starter.